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Bored As Fuck

2008-03-29 19:17:21 by ParisHiltonHater22

Entertain me or DIE!

I Hate You

2008-03-26 21:15:23 by ParisHiltonHater22



2008-03-21 00:10:32 by ParisHiltonHater22

Spam it up here people :D

Brawl...I Hate It,

2008-03-12 20:41:22 by ParisHiltonHater22

It is an overated piece of shit game that everyone seems to love for no reason. Wtf? So all of you nerds that are going to comment on how wrong I am go ahead. The original game is way better. Suck my big fat hairy cock SSBM suck my cock.


New Site.

2008-03-08 03:59:32 by ParisHiltonHater22

Enjoy! Just dont like have an orgasm over it, cuz like its not that good.


2008-02-29 01:39:32 by ParisHiltonHater22



2008-02-23 13:44:02 by ParisHiltonHater22

I like it :D


2008-02-05 23:17:45 by ParisHiltonHater22

Blammed Again :( I Hearby Quit Flash. I;ll go do heroin or crack or something maybe thats better. I heard that cutting yourself is a very good hobby maybe I should try that. no im just fooling i'll just go play World Of Warcraft cuz ima nerd.

-ParisHiltonHater22 Out

Stupid Bans

2008-01-06 14:47:57 by ParisHiltonHater22

God Damn Newgrounds banned me from posting flashes for 15 days! This is not fair! I will not stand for this! Grrrrr! Ah well I got 15 free days of.....Winter! I HATE WINTER AHHHHHHH!! THIS SUCKS! Oh yeah this is my flash movie im going to post onto newgrounds. Tell me what i should fix or change or some tips. Thanks. Gaylo:CombatEvolved

Complete Failure

2008-01-03 23:22:24 by ParisHiltonHater22

Well my Kirby Awesome Land was the biggest failure ever and I can see now i suck at flash :P. I'm gonna give flash another shot but I doubt im gonna do any better.